Cosmetic Surgery Facts

Cosmetic Surgery Facts

There used to be a time when cosmetic surgery was the snooty prerogative of celebs who would frequently be photographed after a ?holiday? looking all dewy and refreshed, much to our awe and amazement! Back then, those who could afford surgery strictly adopted a ?don?t kiss and tell policy? when questions were raised about their newly relaxed appearance. With increased media exposure, however, more and more people are displaying interest in nip and tuck procedures purely for aesthetic purposes. As a result, cosmetic surgery has found a place in the public domain.

Although people are a lot more up-front about cosmetic surgery than they used to be, the fact is that going under the scalpel is not for everyone. While TV shows might sing its praises, and gush about how a little tweaking here and there can send your self-esteem sky rocketing, it isn?t quite that simple.

Do You Need Cosmetic Surgery?

To answer this question it?s important to understand the nature of the term. Cosmetic surgery helps you alter physical features or parts of your body that function perfectly well, but might still make you unhappy. Contrary to popular perception, those who seek out cosmetic surgery aren?t usually people who are chronically dissatisfied or unhappy with their appearance. On the contrary, most people who choose to alter their appearance are basically happy and well-adjusted.

This is where the question of ?need? comes in. If you?re chronically depressed enhanced breasts or perfectly arched brows aren?t going to bring about any changes in your state of mind. In fact, if done for the wrong reasons, cosmetic surgery can be a dangerous tool for your self image. For the most part, those who seek out cosmetic procedures are people who are reasonably happy with their appearance but wish they could have something (usually a minor aspect) about their physical appearance altered so they?ll look and feel better.

What Cosmetic Surgery Can Do for You

Although your cosmetic surgeon can give you a realistic picture of your physical appearance post surgery, he or she can?t and shouldn?t guarantee any change in your psychological well being. If chosen judiciously, however, cosmetic surgery can bring about positive emotional changes. Research conducted on patients after cosmetic surgery reveals that most patients indicated increased self-confidence, and an enhanced quality in their personal and social lives. This isn?t hard to understand. When you look better you feel better. This enhanced self-perception has a positive effect on your relationships.

Making Cosmetic Surgery Work for You

Now that you?ve made the decision to have cosmetic surgery it?s necessary to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the surgery. Expect enhancement of your present looks, not movie star perfection. The less realistic your expectations, the more you set yourself up for disappointment when the bandages come off. Your surgeon should be able to give you a fair picture of what the end results might be.

Don?t expect a miraculous makeover of your entire life. In other words, cosmetic surgery isn?t a magic wand that can set right a troubled marriage or end loneliness. If you expect your newly enhanced looks to correct other personal issues you might have, that?s not going to happen. In fact, if you?ve just been through a traumatic experience such as a death in the family, have recently gotten divorced, or lost a job, you should probably postpone any plans for cosmetic surgery. The surgery will only compound these life stresses and increase the possibility of heightened expectations.

Also, understand that cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure and as such there is always an element of risk attached. Complications can occur.

At the end of the day, cosmetic surgery can be a powerful way to realize your physical potential, which in turn can lead to beneficial effects in your personal, social, and professional lives. If you do your research, ask questions and are realistic in your expectations, there?s no reason why cosmetic surgery won?t enhance the quality of your life as it has for so many others.

Lloyd Krieger is a Beverly Hill cosmetic surgery specialist who does a large number of Beverly Hills breast augmentation and other procedures.

Liposuction - A Permanent Solution?
With all the reality shows revolving around plastic surgery, liposuction is becoming quite popular as a method of removing those last few pounds. The process actually sucks out fat cells from stubborn areas of the body, like the hips and belly. Everyone from celebrities to the common farm girl is getting liposuction these days, but how effective is it at preventing future weight gain?

Cosmetic Surgery Expert Responding to the Death of Donda West, the Mother of Kanye West
Dr. Mark Mandell-Brown, Cincinnati, Ohio''s top cosmetic surgeon was interviewed on ABC affiliate, Channel 9 TV news regarding the safety of cosmetic surgery.

Researching Liposuction Surgery Costs
In a day and age where plastic surgery of all kinds has become not only accepted but expected, we need only turn on our television sets to find live examples of procedures meant to nip, tuck, suck, and smooth. It?s no wonder that more and more us find ourselves turning to surgery to help rectify those areas on our bodies that are our source of frustration or dissatisfaction. Liposuction continues to be a popular procedure performed on a daily basis. But for those who have turned to this intervention, the considerations include not just the procedure itself, as well as recovery, but liposuction surgery costs.

Understanding the Other Side of Cosmetic Surgery
Another copy is allied to injury to the strength of plastic surgery patients. Interestingly, even although laser procedures are usually regarded as being one of the most unsafe structures of plastic surgery, as greatly as 20 percent of all operations are conceded out with this structure surgery. The recovery manage lasts for 10 liveence plus the first 48 hours when face is burned.

Cosmetic Surgery Advice
So, you have decided to look into cosmetic surgery to improve some aspect of your body. Maybe you think that your breasts are too small...maybe they are too big or just too droopy. Perhaps you don''t like the shape of your nose or perhaps your ears stick out too much. Maybe you don''t like the effect that the ageing process has had on your face and you think that you could do with a bit of a lift or have those eye bags looked at. It might even be that you cant shift that last bit of fat around the stomach or love handles, despite sweating your guts out at the gym 3 times a week and following a healthy eating plan to the letter and you fancy having a bit of liposuction. It could be that you have an excess of skin around the tummy following chi...

Cosmetic Surgery in Orange County
The best of cosmetic surgery can be found in Orange County. With the latest developments of cosmetic surgery, it is now fairly easy to become beautiful. Women who do not feel very much confidence about their bodies just need to save a few dollars and get themselves a trusted cosmetic surgeon. In a matter of just a few hours, you''ll be able to remove that unwanted fat, increase your breast size or even make a few changes on your face.

Important Facts about Liposuction and Cellulite
Cellulite is a condition in which one develops a a layer of fatty tissue below the skin. It usually affects women. Certain parts of the body like thighs, legs, and buttocks are more likely to be affected by Cellulite. Cellulite causes skin to stretch and develop bumpy masses.

Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach
If you are residing in Newport Beach and looking for a cosmetic surgeon, you are in the right place. There are hundreds of reputable cosmetic surgeons in your area. In fact, you can have whichever cosmetic procedure you desire. As long as you believe that the operation you are opting for will help you look and feel your best, then go for it.

Patients Can Now See Cosmetic Surgery Online
Prospective patients can actually view cosmetic surgeries in their entirety online with narration and follow these patients through post-operative photographs for months after their surgeries.

The History of Tumescent Liposuction
Liposuction is also referred to as lipoplasty, suction-assisted lipectomy and liposculpture. It is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery today.