Yoga exercises for back muscles

Yoga exercises for back muscles
Yoga exercises back muscles
Yoga exercises back muscles

Classically, does Pilates as an ideal back training. But of course, yoga training next leg and abdominal muscles the back muscles. It also helps the special breathing technique to obtain the relaxation that is necessary to solve back pain. The yoga exercises are ideal for a strong, pain-free back:

When the cobra you lie on your stomach first, the hands are positioned approximately below the shoulders with the palms on the floor. The back is long and straight. Now you put the upper body up by lifting the head and pulls the shoulder blades back. The Po is tense.

Beginners especially should make sure that they do not go further than it really is not pleasant. Advanced, however, can still try to turn the gaze towards the ceiling to achieve even greater strengthening of the back muscles.

When camel is directed to a kneeling position. The knees remain settled at the bottom. First, stretch your arms up and makes the back straight. Now it combines first with one hand on the back of the heel to the ceiling pointing. One feels sure, are accessed with the other hand also the heel. Now we can turn our eyes to the ceiling.

In this position, it is important to keep that pelvis forward over your knees. In order to control this at first, it makes sense to train the exercise in front of a wall. The pool here is modeled on the wall and allowed the contact with the rear access is not lost.

To relax after the exercises for the back itself the taking of the Kinder pose or rabbit on. This one is kneeling and the upper body is relaxed stored on your thighs. The head rests on the ground or en folded hands.

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